Monday, June 18, 2018

UK Home Loan - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Quick summary details as below:

  • Competitive mortgage rates from 3.25%/p.a. – 3.75%/p.a., depending on risk profile and loan amount.
  • Max Loan to Value Ratio 65%.


-         Singapore Citizens

-         Singapore Permanent Residents

-         Singapore Resident Foreigners and Expats

-         International and Non-Singapore Resident Foreigners

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Why use a mortgage specialist or broker?

Mortgage specialists & brokers aggregate and compare 30+ lenders to find you the best rates, options and solutions.

Mortgage specialists & brokers are independent. They are not owned or employed by any lenders and offer independent impartial advice to their customers based on their needs, savings, requirements and priorities.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

UK Residential & Commercial Property Loan

We are pleased to extend our UK property financing options to now fully cover all cities in London, England and the rest of the United Kingdom - Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Let's take a comparision review of the features and benefits of SGD UK Property Loan vs GBP UK Property Loan.

Malaysia Home Loan

Let's review more in details on the financing options and features between a Singapore's Malaysia property loan vs Malaysia’s Malaysia Property Loan.

- Base Currency
- Currency Exchange Risk
- Quantum of Financing
- Financing Locations
- Property Type
- Purpose
- Bank Repayment

How much can I save when I refinance my commercial property loan?

Mr Ng, a 45 year old coffee shop owner runs ABC coffee shop at Bedok. His current coffee shop commercial property loan interest rate has risen to 3.75% in the fourth year. During kopi chit chat sessions, he heard from his friends who also owns commercial units for their businesses mentioned that they are paying much lower in interest rate. The current outstanding mortgage on Mr Ng’s coffee shop mortgage is about $1.9 million.

5 tips to finding the best home loan package in Singapore

5 Quick Tips To Finding The Best Home Loan

- Compare the average interest rate within the lock in period

- Compare the lock in period

- Compare the reference interest rate reference

- Compute the one time transfer cost
- Compare the thereafter rates

Overseas Property Finance

We provide overseas property finance for the following locations: United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Nothern Ireland), Australia (Melbourne / Sydney / Perth / Brisbane), Malaysia (Johor / Kuala Lumpur / Malacca / Penang / Selangor), United States of America (39 states across USA), Japan (Tokyo).

Applicable for:
> New Purchase (Completed / Under-Construction)
> Remortgaging / Refinancing
> Cash out Property Term Loan / Equity Term Loan

Commercial Property Finance

Industrial & Commercial Property Loan Services:

> New Purchase (Completed / Under-Construction)
> Remortgaging / Refinancing
> Development Financing
> Cash out Property Term Loan / Equity Term Loan
> Part Purchase Fractional Mortgages
> Debt Consolidation and Restructuring
> Indicative Property Valuation Check

Residential Home Loans

Residential Home Loans Services:

> New Purchase (Completed / Under-Construction)
> Refinancing / Remortgaging
> Property Cash Out Loan / Equity Term Loan (Not applicable for HDB flats)
> Fractional Part Purchase Mortgages
> TDSR Exemptions
> Debt Consolidation and Restructuring (Not applicable for HDB flats)
> Indicative Property Valuation Check
> Application In-Principal Review

Friday, November 29, 2013

We have moved to Market Street @ Raffles Place - Mortgage Supermart Singapore

We'll like to take the opportunity to thank all of our customers for your continued support. We have moved to 55 Market Street @ Raffles Place in August 2013.

Stay tune for more exciting promotions as we bring you the best deals in town!

Loans brokerage Solutions to bring you Savings and Smiles.

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